Hardware Engineer

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Hardware Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

To complete the new product design, circuit schematic design, PCB board production, achieve the purpose of the product scheme design.

A prototype of the new product debugging, testing; assist production department in new product trial production phase of the work,including the test, modify the work, so that the work of the trial production of new products successfully completed.

Completion of the new products of complete production documentation, including product BOM, work instruction, troubleshootinginstructions and documents, so that the new products to be able smoothly, to enter the market.

Existing products, hardware maintenance, including assistance in dealing with customer problems, improvements or process.

Capacity Requirements:

Electronic information, communication related major, bachelor degree or above

More than one year experience in electronic product hardware development (except the excellent graduates);

Master the basic theory of analog and digital circuit;

Proficient in electronic hardware development skills, to master the general method and process of communication electronic productshardware development;

To understand the basic theory and application of radio frequency identification;

Have good language expressive ability and document writing habits;

Have good English reading ability

A short distance wireless communication product development experience preferred

Technical department
Working place:
Job type:
Hardware Engineer
Undergraduate course