Military application

The RFID management system in the military application of secret carriers

The application background of RFID classified carrier management system

The call of the countries of the Central Military Commission Document No. 5 response was to meet the forces of the physical file, storage medium (U disk, mobile U disk, computer) and other classified equipment information security needs. Our company according to the actual needs of customers, the first to develop a RFID management system of secret carriers.

RFID classified carrier management system

The carrier of classified management system based on RFID is a set of secret carriers such as U disk, file entity, mobile U disk, computers and other classified equipment, on-site real-time monitoring, access control, regional positioning and eutopic monitoring to achieve full control and management.

RFID classified carrier management equipment network topology diagram


Practical RFID classified carrier management system

RFID classified media management system mainly solves the forces the entity document and classified vector management confusion and disclosure of classified information, such as, to improve the security of national army information, further to maintain the national security.