java Software Engineer

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Java Software Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1, participate in the project design and technology research

2, guide the programmer was coding and unit testing

3, The core code work, responsible for project Architecture design work

4,  involved in the project

5,  implementation

Capacity Requirements:

1, familiar with Struts2, hibernate, spring, prototype and other open source framework

2, familiar with Tomcat, WebLogic more than one server software

3, familiar with the JSP custom tag, have certain understanding to the JSP2.0 and W3C standards

4, familiar with the MySQL database, with hot backup, distributed common function deployment

5, can skillfully use MyEclipse or Eclipse development tools

6, the distributed, cluster deployment has certain understanding

7, familiar with the software project development process

8, has the ability of self-learning

9, the development of large complicated system is preferred

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Job type:
java Software Engineer
Undergraduate course