Monolithic Software Engineer

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Monolithic Software Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the product development plan, the implementation of software design, coding, software testing, software function andperformance of the product is stable, ensure the schedule progress.

2. Participate in new product testing, to ensure the achievement of research and development to meet the design requirements.

3. Write output file to assist in product R & D, production process, promote the transformation of research results and production practice.

4. The old product maintenance, including user special function change, software BUG correction, as well as other technicaloptimization function.

Capacity Requirements:

Electronic information and computer software major, bachelor degree or above

More than 2 years experience of software development (except the excellent graduates)

Proficient in C programming language, a good programming habits;

Familiar with electronic communication and the basic theory of computer;

Have experience in software development and at least 2 different brands of MCU, and has strong learning ability, can quickly adapt to new platforms and development tools;

Capable of peripheral circuit design;

Have good communication ability and the team cooperation ability;

With the design document writing ability;

Have a certain English reading ability

Technical department
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Job type:
Monolithic Software Engineer
Undergraduate course