RFID UHF Antenna MR651C / MR6528



Product Name: RFID UHF Antenna MR651C / MR6528
Product Model: MR651C / MR6528
Product Category: UHF RFID ANTENNA
MR651C / MR6528

Product overview

  • Antenna is a important part of RFID, mainFunction is transmitting signal betweenReader and tag, we supply ascendant per-formance UHF antenna which is able to meet many different kind of applicationrequirement. When it works with our fixed reader, it can be more accurate, fast and efficient to read tag data.

Product parameters

  • Model MR651C MR6528
  • Frequency ISM902~928MHz ISM865~868MHz ISM902~928MHz ISM865~868MHz
  • Gain 12dBi 7dBi
  • Horizontal -3db beam width 40 68
  • Vertical -3db beam width 39 68
  • Front-Back >25dB >25dB
  • Polarization Linear Polarization Circular Polarization
  • Input Impedance(Ω) 50 50
  • Voltage standing wave ratio <1.2 <1.2
  • Power Capacity(W) 500 500
  • Connector N N
  • Third order intermodulatio <-150dBc <-150dBc
  • Lightning Protection DC to ground DC to ground
  • Size 440x440x50mm 240x240x30mm
  • Weight 4.25kg 1kg
  • Antenna Material ABS/glass fiber reinforce plastic ABS/glass fiber reinforce plastic
  • Wind speed protection 120km/h 120km/h
  • Work Temp. -25℃~+85℃ -25℃~+85℃