High tech precipitation, marktrace clinch the “double high” enterprises

2013 24 01

March 5, 2012 Shenzhen marktrace Co. the company successfully won the “national high tech enterprise” certificate.

January 21, 2013 Shenzhen marktrace Co. Ltd. has successfully won the “Shenzhen high tech enterprise certificate”


“National hi tech enterprise” and “Shenzhen high-tech enterprises” is the confirmation of the soft power of the company. Along the way, marktrace guide in the RFID industry leader, precipitated solid technical foundation.
Subsequent marktrace continue to “to build high-tech Hua Shi Jing, to create the world’s leading networking companies” for the vision, continue to walk the road of development of innovation of science and technology, make the industry leader, for the realization of “the world” to contribute their strength